The ScieCon Munich 2018

The ScieCon is a career fair arranged by the biotechnologische Studenteninitiative (btS) e.V. especially focusing on Life Sciences. Committed students organized in 1999 the very first ScieCon in Bochum, thereby paving the way for up to now 25 successful fairs all over Germany. In 2014 the ScieCon Munich attracted 25 exhibitory Life Science companies and nearly 1200 interested under- und postgraduates.

The btS’s aim is to give us and our fellow students an insight what may lie beyond our studies in the numerous fields of Life Science facilitating the transition into further studies or the working environment. Therefore, we organize diverse, vibrant events in which students, universities and industry representatives get the chance to interact. Our multifaceted program includes lecture series, panel discussions, company tours, scientific congresses, semestral nationwide meetings and career fairs.  

The ScieCon is the only career fair specializing on the needs and demands of Life Science students and companies by serving a platform for communication and information exchange. Beside the chance to get in contact with representatives from the industry, the participants can benefit from further events offered during the ScieCon. Together with our different cooperation partners, we provide events like a live job interview, talks and a panel discussion with changing topics, CV and application checks, practicing stand small talks and a photo shoot for applications.